Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zaheb Sultan's Palace Released and On Sale

The name Zaheb means Golden and is perfectly suited for this jewel of the desert. Natural standstone walls and floors are richly embellished with hand-painted details and inlaid with beautiful tile mosaics both inside and out. Carved marble windows can be left open for an airy, inviting atmosphere or closed for privacy. A large front entry, open floor plan, and second story balcony provide a ample space for entertaining honored guests. And from now until Monday, March 9 it will be on sale half price for L$500.

The entire palace is 123 prims and has a 34x34M footprint. It is mod/copy and packaged in a rez-faux box for ease of set up. The furnishings pictured are not included and not yet completed. They will be available for sale in the near future. If you'd like a sneak peek feel free to visit my mainstore and take the teleport in the courtyard up to the build in progress for a bit of exploring.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Country Wash Tub/Board!

Hello Country Timers!

This week I have made an adorable country wash tub/board with bubbles. You can buy it at both locations for only L$100.
Happy Friday

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art on the Square: Kimberly Mirabeau

Petite Chou is very happy to announce it's first Art on the Square artist of the month, Kimberly Mirabeau!

Kimberly's list of achievements is astounding and reads like an SL artist's dream job list including: arts editor for Vain Inc Magazine, curator of the Vain Gallery, editorial model - Vain Inc., the Face of Rebel Hope Designs - Feb 2009, ad designer for RH Designs and RH Engel Jewlery, gallery artist for Avatrait, galleryboard member of Avatrait Gallery, JM Models supermodelphotographer since 2005 and nominated for Best SL Artist (Vain Inc) 2008.

The show will run Feb. 8th to the 15th and all art prints are avalible for purchase.

Kimberly Mirabeau's Flickr

Kimberly's Blog

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